Great Questions Concerning a Heart for Missions

When and how did you come to know you wanted to serve as a Missionary? (Part 1)

As a child growing up on into adulthood I always was fascinated by missionaries when they came to share. I loved their presentations and hearing their stories always filled me with joy. I still remember many of them.

During my Bible College years I had the opportunity to go on a short-term missions trip to Tijuana, MX with a large group from college. I always remember it as the best vacation I had ever taken. I loved every moment of it. I wanted to go back right away. But I had acquired debt and could not go any time soon at that point.

Later God graciously gave me another opportunity to go to San Luis, Mexico with a group called Mission 4 Mexico.  I believe 2002 was the first trip. Again I absolutely loved the trip. The energy and enthusiasm of the teenagers, who were so committed to serve others that they were willing to give up their spring break to build houses and a church for others. God used the enthusiastic youth and others to build into me the desire to serve as a missionary. To place in my heart a love for the people of Mexico. The only bad part was that it was only for a week each time.

Is God moving you to serve others in an area of your giftedness? (1 Peter 4:10) The reward of following God in service to others is truly great.



I could not believe my ears. Did I really hear him say that? Is it possible that I could have such an affect in the life of another. Sometimes I doubt that Jesus could use me to influence others. I wish I could simply believe like a child again. But in reality that is what my Lord calls me to do, every day. In a very strong way. (Matthew 18:3)

I am a simple follower of Christ trying to walk in relative obedience to Him. Relative? Yes! Relative. I don’t have it all together in my life yet. I still have my struggles listening to my Lord and Savior. Sometimes I wish I had more “daily” passion in my walk with Him. Sometimes I am passionate. Other times I am less. But every day I must choose to take up this cross and follow Him. And that I will do. (Matthew 16:24)

Sometimes I do not want to do what He asks me to do. In the end He does have the final word and I obey. That is what Lordship is about. He is my Lord and Savior. This I am passionate about.