I could not believe my ears. Did I really hear him say that? Is it possible that I could have such an affect in the life of another. Sometimes I doubt that Jesus could use me to influence others. I wish I could simply believe like a child again. But in reality that is what my Lord calls me to do, every day. In a very strong way. (Matthew 18:3)

I am a simple follower of Christ trying to walk in relative obedience to Him. Relative? Yes! Relative. I don’t have it all together in my life yet. I still have my struggles listening to my Lord and Savior. Sometimes I wish I had more “daily” passion in my walk with Him. Sometimes I am passionate. Other times I am less. But every day I must choose to take up this cross and follow Him. And that I will do. (Matthew 16:24)

Sometimes I do not want to do what He asks me to do. In the end He does have the final word and I obey. That is what Lordship is about. He is my Lord and Savior. This I am passionate about.


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