Youthful Energy in Short Term Mission Trips

I fondly remember the enthusiasm of short-term mission trips to Mexico. Oh the thrill of traveling to another country to serve others. My first trip, Tijuana. I used my vacation time. Absolutely fantastic! I always thought of it as the best vacation ever, still do. I wrote home, “I want to be a missionary.” Dramas, puppets, evangelism and invitations were on the menu. I met missionaries. One translated for me as I shared my testimony. We went out to invite kids. I had a puppet on one hand and children leading me by the other. It was hot. Spraying sunblock above the eyes. Not good! I was thankful for the children leading this poor blind man around. I still wonder what the people thought. “That poor blind man, crying profusely being led around by children with a puppet on his hand.”

Twenty years later I am a full time missionary, for about six years now. I love it. But I definitely miss the energy of vans full of exuberant, energetic young people passionately serving God. I still remember my trips like they were yesterday. Youth screaming and yelling, Aaaaaah, “We’re going to Mexico!!” Aaaaaah, “We’re building houses and doing VBS in Mexico!!” Aaaaaaah, “We’re going back home to tell everyone about it!!” I miss the youthful energy. A team is coming now. They will recharge my spirit. I try to maintain the vision in the middle of everyday mundane life that is always there, wherever you are. I purpose to regain that youthful, passionate desire by fanning into flame the gift God has given me. Hey, I’ll start now. Aaaaaaah, “Yippee, I get to hang out my laundry to dry!!” “Aaaaaaah, “Puppets and sunblock are still effective for children’s ministry.

Lord, renew my creativity and passion. Your servant.


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