My Process

I have been spending time with my Coach Barney and a mutual friend, Kathy or ScriptureLady. Barney encouraged us to work on our process. He had found and read a very good book, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. He encouraged us to buy it and read it. Actually he encouraged Kathy to buy it and read it as I had told him that I am working hard at becoming paperless and am almost paperless. I just sat down and looked up Austin Kleon’s website via Google and found the book is available via eBook and iBook. I am still using Snow Leopard and do not have an iPad as yet. I hope to get one soon. I will share more on that later.

Bottom line was the encouragement to share our process with others. I have been serving as a missionary to Mexico for seven years now. One thing that i have observed as I have been serving is that they could really use some good children’s ministry resources. So I started writing little by little a curriculum that would be useful especially in the smaller churches in Mexico. I have been doing this under the coaching process that I have been undergoing with Kidology’s Coaching Program. Now I am in their Graduate Program in which they encourage us to select ten projects to work on. This children’s curriculum is the biggest project that I picked.

I have been in the process of  thinking, planning and writing it for about two years now. I have followed Barney’s example of going on writing retreats to really focus on writing this curriculum. I have gone on about 17 writing retreats. I need to add them up in order to have a definitive number. Note, another thing I am learning is that I should keep track of information such as this. Now I am toying with the idea of really focusing my efforts in order to try to finish the writing in one year. I have yet to set a few things in order to be able to do this. I will write more about the process that I am going through as it unfolds.

This article starts a series on the process that I am going through to provide teachers in Mexico resources for children’s ministry. I hope the Lord will bless you and that He will use me to help you see the process that He is taking through to accomplish His greater purpose.

God bless you,

Robert Newhall


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