Combination Lock Christian Object Lesson

Combination Lock  - 1

Description: Shiny metal, metal clasp loop thingy, round, flat, black dial with white marks and numbers, a handle on the dial.

What it does: The dial turns clockwise and counterclockwise. And with the right combination of three numbers it opens. It locks and unlocks, tight and secure.

Brainstorm: Three things needed. Many lists of three things. Lock things in a locker. Lock things in your head, heart, and soul. Keep it safe. List of three; lock, guard, and safe. Ready to use! Powerful things are locked away and ready to be used by those with the right combination.

Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 13:13 “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (ESV)

Example Message: What is this? (Hold it in your hand so only a part of the back can be seen.) It is shiny. (Show a little more until they figure it out.) Yes, it is a combination lock. The black dial with white numbers turns. If you know what numbers to stop on, you can unlock it. These generally have a combination of three numbers. You can use these to lock up your precious things. But only if you know the code. And you wouldn’t want to forget the code. Then you wouldn’t be able to unlock it to get your things.

Are there important things in your head or heart to keep safe? Yes! You keep many marvelous things in your head and heart. There is a Bible verse that says (read the verse) in 1 Corinthians 13:13. You should keep faith, hope and love safe. And your heart, mind and soul are very important, too. This lock is meant to keep others out. But when you have the right combination you can open it and get what you want.

What if you were a superhero? You might have very powerful things locked inside. You would need to learn how to use the special things, as well as when, why and how. Faith, hope, and love are powerful things that God has given us. If you learn to use them correctly you could be God’s superhero. You could show others how they can have faith and hope. And how God loves them more than they can even imagine. Can you think of someone that may need one of these three things? Be sure to ask your parent’s advice.


My Process

I have been spending time with my Coach Barney and a mutual friend, Kathy or ScriptureLady. Barney encouraged us to work on our process. He had found and read a very good book, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. He encouraged us to buy it and read it. Actually he encouraged Kathy to buy it and read it as I had told him that I am working hard at becoming paperless and am almost paperless. I just sat down and looked up Austin Kleon’s website via Google and found the book is available via eBook and iBook. I am still using Snow Leopard and do not have an iPad as yet. I hope to get one soon. I will share more on that later.

Bottom line was the encouragement to share our process with others. I have been serving as a missionary to Mexico for seven years now. One thing that i have observed as I have been serving is that they could really use some good children’s ministry resources. So I started writing little by little a curriculum that would be useful especially in the smaller churches in Mexico. I have been doing this under the coaching process that I have been undergoing with Kidology’s Coaching Program. Now I am in their Graduate Program in which they encourage us to select ten projects to work on. This children’s curriculum is the biggest project that I picked.

I have been in the process of  thinking, planning and writing it for about two years now. I have followed Barney’s example of going on writing retreats to really focus on writing this curriculum. I have gone on about 17 writing retreats. I need to add them up in order to have a definitive number. Note, another thing I am learning is that I should keep track of information such as this. Now I am toying with the idea of really focusing my efforts in order to try to finish the writing in one year. I have yet to set a few things in order to be able to do this. I will write more about the process that I am going through as it unfolds.

This article starts a series on the process that I am going through to provide teachers in Mexico resources for children’s ministry. I hope the Lord will bless you and that He will use me to help you see the process that He is taking through to accomplish His greater purpose.

God bless you,

Robert Newhall

Always Be Prepared or The Stormtroopers Are Here

I learned a valuable lesson the day I showed a SuperBook video. Fantastic friends have been giving me the SuperBook DVDs to use in my ministry here in Mexico. One of the most recent ones is on Peter’s Denial. I had all the equipment ready to go, or so I thought…

…Near the end of Sunday School I went to set up the equipment in order to be ready for the children to come in and watch the video without delay. The problem, I did not allow enough time to hook it all up and make sure it worked before the kids started storming in like stormtroopers ready to take over the building. It was as if I had my Lightsaber all spread out in pieces on the table and could not figure out fast enough how to get it put back together. I thought all was lost. That’s it, the young stormtroopers were going to haul me off to the Death Star.

I finally got the wires hooked up and the video up with music sound, but no speaking sound. Great!! Death star here we come. But then Han Solo aka Adrian, our pastor’s son helped by wiggling around some wires. Voices! The voices came on. Then off. Then on again. Wire connections! Rather like good connections with God. Jesus said that if you have good wire connection in me and I mine in you, you will produce very good sound. With bad wire connections you cannot do anything. (Okay, that isn’t exactly what he said, so if you want to see the actual text try Googling John 15:5 or Jesus vine branches as I just did.)

Finally! As I stood in a metaphorical pool of sweat, metaphorical because while it is getting hotter here it was not too bad that day, the video was on and the little stormtroopers (also metaphorical just in case you were wondering) were all in formation on the benches and chairs they lined up. I emphasize “they” because little by little I think the kids should do more and more of the “stuff” of meeting together. They really enjoyed the video. They actually sat through it and listened attentively. It was quite the miracle. Jesus is good at performing miracles. Actually the new SuperBook videos are really that good. And Jesus is good with miracles.

Tomorrow I plan on following up with some creative teaching elements and crafts with the kids concerning the video. I am curious to hear their responses about the video. I think they enjoyed it as one boy kept asking me if there was another one to watch.

If you have not seen the new SuperBook videos please check them out. Google Superbook Bible Stories, that should get you to their really cool website.

And now for the moral of the story. Always set up way early to make sure all functions as it should and always have a really good plan “B”. Maybe even a “C” and “D”… A really cool Lightsaber wouldn’t hurt either ;-P

Coming soon…the rest of the story on how it goes with the followup lesson and craft. The story of Peter’s denial and restoration has always been a longtime favorite of mine. Definitely pierces my heart every time and motivates me to serve the Lord faithfully but in humility knowing who I am in Him. A sinner saved by grace through faith only by what Jesus has done for me. Seeking to serve Him with all I’ve got.

Object lesson from a $1 “Grow” Starfish

I bought a growing starfish from one of the dollar stores a while back. I thought it might be a good little gift. I thought of the Starfish Story that has been online for years. I shared the story with our children during church. I taught the golden rule, to treat others as you would have them treat you. I had a bucket of water to put the starfish into. Boy were the kids excited to see it touch the water and go “POOF”, grow instantly into a great big starfish. I had to be the bearer of bad news that it would not go “Poof” nor grow instantly. It would take some days to slowly absorb the water and grow. The only thing that went “poof” was their excitement. Their shoulders fell with disappointment about a half foot. Patience, one of the fruits of the Spirit, is a frustrating one to learn.

This experience led me to think how sometimes I want to see kids and people grow instantly mature and wise. I myself wouldn’t mind an instant spurt of growth in the wisdom department. But alas, it does take time. Jesus told us that we must make our choices daily. Spiritual growth and wisdom is a step by step marathon, or even walkathon, not a sprint. Sometimes I find it like trying to walk on a slip-n-slide, take a step and slip and slide a few backwards. But don’t stop moving forward, with the Lord all things are possible.

The good news is, the next Saturday when the kids saw that the Starfish had grown some, they were all squeals of jumping up and down excitement. I was so thrilled to see them happy. It made me think though, when have I responded in kind to the spiritual growth of one of the kids or fellow church attenders. Jesus told us that, in the good aspects, we should be as the children. Next time I see spiritual growth I will remember how excited the kids were over the growth of a little sponge starfish.

Spears, Arrows and Masks, “Oh my!” or Why I am a missionary

I am a Christian missionary. God placed this desire in my heart. I remember as a boy loving it when missionaries came to share their stories and show their interesting stuff like spears, arrows and masks. They were not using these things to fight. But only to show and share what the people were like with whom they were trying to share the good news. My first short term mission trip was to Tijuana, Mexico. I loved it. Years later I had the opportunity to go on more STM trips. God used these trips to continue building the desire in my heart to go serve as missionary.

In preparation for a long awaited trip to Israel, I watched a series of on location Holy Land teachings by historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan. I learned that God had called me to “follow”. But now He wanted me to “Go!” After a trip to Israel it was very clear to me that it was time to get ready to “go”. I came back and met with a pastor friend. I told him what I thought God was telling me. He and the Sr. Pastor helped me to prepare to go serve as a missionary. It was not a thing that happened to me all alone. But rather God used many people to prepare me. I am so thankful for them all. 

Even though I am now serving as a full time missionary, God still continues to use others to change me for the better. I know that He has a plan for my life. I eagerly want to continue on His journey that he has planned for me. It is amazing what I have learned and experienced so far. I am looking forward to so much more.

Ministry to Children and why I enjoy it now

Once upon a time there was a very inexperienced helper trying to help in children’s church. As the teacher taught, one of the little children started rolling on the floor. Then she made her way over to the door, which she opened. Suddenly she took off out into the church yard, the poor inexperienced chap chasing after her. Yes, even by the church windows for everyone inside to see. The inexperienced helper finally went to get the little girl’s Mom to come out and help.

That inexperienced helper was me. I enjoy telling people that story now. Over the years I have grown to enjoy Children’s Ministry. Little by little I learned how valuable object lessons and crafts are. How good it is to serve by helping with children. After ten years as a Sunday School teacher and continuing to help in Children’s church, now God has called me to be a missionary focused on helping churches with their children’s programs. God has helped me to take my faith to a new level.

I love Jesus’ teachings about children. He loved it when they worshiped God in the temple. He was upset when his disciples were trying to keep parents and their children away. Jesus told his disciples only those who would be humble as a child would be greatest in his kingdom. Jesus had many great things to say about children. Jesus had a great big powerful Father’s heart for the children. Jesus also said some frightful things about children and how we treat them. I believe Jesus wants all of us to be powerful godly figures for the children, teaching and training them how to grow in the ways of the Lord. I love how exciting ministry to children can be.

Striving to live each day creatively, Robert.

Youthful Energy in Short Term Mission Trips

I fondly remember the enthusiasm of short-term mission trips to Mexico. Oh the thrill of traveling to another country to serve others. My first trip, Tijuana. I used my vacation time. Absolutely fantastic! I always thought of it as the best vacation ever, still do. I wrote home, “I want to be a missionary.” Dramas, puppets, evangelism and invitations were on the menu. I met missionaries. One translated for me as I shared my testimony. We went out to invite kids. I had a puppet on one hand and children leading me by the other. It was hot. Spraying sunblock above the eyes. Not good! I was thankful for the children leading this poor blind man around. I still wonder what the people thought. “That poor blind man, crying profusely being led around by children with a puppet on his hand.”

Twenty years later I am a full time missionary, for about six years now. I love it. But I definitely miss the energy of vans full of exuberant, energetic young people passionately serving God. I still remember my trips like they were yesterday. Youth screaming and yelling, Aaaaaah, “We’re going to Mexico!!” Aaaaaah, “We’re building houses and doing VBS in Mexico!!” Aaaaaaah, “We’re going back home to tell everyone about it!!” I miss the youthful energy. A team is coming now. They will recharge my spirit. I try to maintain the vision in the middle of everyday mundane life that is always there, wherever you are. I purpose to regain that youthful, passionate desire by fanning into flame the gift God has given me. Hey, I’ll start now. Aaaaaaah, “Yippee, I get to hang out my laundry to dry!!” “Aaaaaaah, “Puppets and sunblock are still effective for children’s ministry.

Lord, renew my creativity and passion. Your servant.